A Blazor Blog in 5mn with Notion

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I setup the vapolia.eu and raids.notionsharp.eu websites to use Notion as the Content Management System (CMS). I will explain how to setup yours in 5mn.
I am a freelance. R&D is a key part for the developer's community. If you keep going beyond what a SDK gives you, you'll always be ahead of your competitors. It could be significant work, and often don't pay much. I accept 💕, donations and jobs on my messenger, my linkedin or my email

❓ Why Notion

Notion started a new generation of wysiwyg editors, fluid, oriented on content and productivity. It is cloud connected, uses a browser or a native app - which also works offline -, and is enabled for simultaneous users.

Xamarin Forms Secret - Using vector images

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Images are an important part of the UI of a mobile app. Because there are lots of different mobile phones, all having very different screens - width, height or pixel density - using images made of pixels (called "raster images") is often a bad idea to get a great result.
I'm gonna tell you why it's very important to use vector image. I will first give you advices of when to use raster or svg images, then i will show you how to easily use vector images (SVG) in your apps on iOS, Android and Windows UWP.
pic from marketblog.envato.com

When to use vector images, or not

Raster images are made of pixels. For example, 4K images contains 3840x2160 pixels. In terms of memory it requires 7.9MiB. If you are displaying 10 images in your app, it will use 79MiB of memory. Often apps are limited to 256MiB of memory on low end devices. So displaying 10 raster images will require a lot of memory allocation and CPU while loading, which will slow down the device and your app.

Using native wheel picker in Xamarin Forms - UI Day 1

Friday, February 7, 2020

This article is part of a serie dedicated to xamarin forms UI controls that i find valuable to use in my customer's projects.

Have you ever remarked the gorgeous wheel picker used in lots of AppStore apps? Did you ever wanted to use it in the Xamarin Forms project of your customer so you can hear Ohhs and Ahhs from your work? Did you feel bad when you discovered this control does not come out of the box of Xamarin Forms, and no-one seems to have created one on github, and that finally you decided to put an horrible list picker instead ?
On Apple's world, the wheelpicker is a well documented, not easy to use, but so cutely designed UI control from which the user can quickly and intuitively select linked values, like a date : a birth date, a driver license's date (month day year values); or a vehicle's details (brand, model, year) for examples. You can also use it to select a single value in an easy way, even in a large list, thanks to the "flying" acceleration feature, simulating the inertia of a heavy wheel that you spin with force. In this last case, the addition of a search or filter input could also have some benefits.