Last updated: 2021-08-09
MAUI stands for 🎬 Multi-platform App UI 🎬
It's a new edge technology by Microsoft, which makes building applications for Apple (iOS and Mac), Android, and Windows with the same codebase a breeze.

Installing MAUI

After that you should have MAUI in the list of templates:
It's all setup, time to start coding ! 👣

Migrating a Xamarin library to MAUI

At the root folder of your solution, add a new nuget.config file with maui sources:
And a global.json text file with this content:
Use this template to replace the content of the csproj file of your SDK Extra library. I assume you are starting with a working android+ios native library (not using xamarin forms) using SDKExtra.
As of 2021-08-09, dotnet restore fails. I will wait for vnext and continue this tutorial !