Watching Helium Hotspots

Built by miners. For miners.
Watchium is coedited with
, leader in Helium Hotspot deployments in Europa. Jump to the
for more information.
Watchium watch over your hotspots accurately. Monitor your fleet and save rewards. Get an invitation code on the official Helium discord on #watchium Watchium is featured !
The Watchium product consists of two mobile apps for Apple and Android, a
for both desktop and mobile browsers, an elastic API server, and a managed ETL which is an automated tool that extracts terabytes of data from the Helium blockchain.
Each part of this product is fully built by your beloved watchium team.
For Apple
For Google
The Website
Watchium is not an official partner, nor linked to Nova Labs in any way.
Need an invite code ? Ask your family, friends, and social media. You will find someone !

Hotspots View

The main screen is a list of wallets, displaying the hotspots in each wallet, and some key informations:
  • The number of witnessed hotspots, along with the time since the last witnessed. This makes the most part of the rewards.
  • The time since the last beacon. A long inteval between beacons mean there is an issue with your hotspot. Those are displayed in orange then red.
  • The time since the last data packet transfer. As more IOT devices compatible with Lorawan appear on the market, you should get more data transfer.

Detail Views

In the wallet and hotspots details view, you have some key informations too:
  • The projected month rewards, and it’s projected evolution in percentage.
  • The total rewards in the last 24h.
  • The day to day history presents the rewards in an innovative way. The bar in the Rewards column on each day represents the pecentage of difference between the rewards obtained that day and the mean rewards of the last 10 days. +100% is represented by a full right bar, -100% by a full left bar. A small center bar means no change.
Tapping the map opens a large map of the hotspots in this wallet only.

The Team

@Disk91: API, ETL, Website
@Vapolia: Mobile Apps


The mobile apps are built using Maui technology, with a reactive datasource and a
database (Mongodb). The apps make heavy use of the Vapolia.Svg nuget.

Ideas and Partnership

For ideas, partnership or branding you can contact the watchium team using the chatbox on this website (look at the bottom right).
We always listen our customers!
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