About Vapolia

At Vapolia we are good at understanding your needs!
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⭐ We speak French and English ⭐

We turn your ideas into specifications

Often ideas are not clear for everyone, because of the language differencies between non technical and technical actors, because the ideas are still ideas and not a fluent flow, or because they will change some parts of a company's organization and imply the change of some business processes.
  • We convert your vision into a specification understandable by everyone - from the product owner to the developer's team.
  • We analyze the costs and feasability by auditing your existing platform and processes, and provide a concrete plan to reach it.

We code your Mobile, Apps and APIs

📱 We create apps and apis that works, using state of the art architecture: microservices, continuous delivery, agile workflows, native cross platform technology, infrastructure as code.
  • Wifi, BLE, NFC and USB enabled apps
  • Real-time tracking apps for GPS, Pressure, Health information, POS, Forms ...
⛅ Choose between your prefered cloud provider
  • OVH Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or a bare metal Kubernetes ... We master helm, devops, github actions, and Infrastructure As Code.
🪓 We fix security issues too. In your architecture as well as in your codes or infrastructure.
  • We examine the attack surfaces, the tools and process you have setup, the technologies you are using an compare them with the state of the art and the known flows.

We train and help your team with our .NET technical skills

We have experts in a wide range of areas and also partners with known training companies to improve the skills of your teams or boost your projects.

We boost your social impact with Digital Marketing!

✨ "Video pitch" where your are and where you want to be, evangelize your company or yourself as a personal brand. Stream it on social networks or ad platforms. We have a selected partner that excels at this job. Don't miss it!

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