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Audit de code Xamarin/C#

Xamarin Expertise

We create mobile apps exclusively with Xamarin from Microsoft: Shapr, VfrTracks, DangerEx, Tagzi, Radios Zen ...

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Courses (English)

  • Create mobile apps for iOS and Android using Xamarin
  • For developers or CTO

Formations (Français)

  • Créer des apps mobiles en C# avec Xamarin
  • Pour développeurs ou décideurs
  • Vapolia est agréé organisme de formation, éligibles au DIF et autres dispositifs de formation continue: FAFIEC, ...

XamSvg: SVG image control for Xamarin

SVG are vector image files. These small text files describe an image using mathematical primitives. Why use SVG ?
  • Display pixel perfect graphics on any display at any scale and any size.
  • Happy developers escape tedious and time consuming tasks of creating and updating tons of raster images.
  • Speed up development by using one common vector image file for all platforms at all sizes.
  • Exporting SVG using Photoshop plugin, Illustrator, Sketch or Inkscape is easy
  • Lower your app weight: svg files may be 100 times smaller than PNG/JPG, especially for gradients.
  • Drop-in replacement of image control, works on Android, iOS (storyboards) and Windows Xaml designers.
  • Source code is included. Browse XamSvg samples projects online.
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Companies from all around the globe trust us !
Microsoft, Feedbackloopsolutions, Jci, Careotter, Solarwinds, Nureva ...

Free SVG Icon sources
Test XamSvg on this iOS simulator now! Thanks to Appetize.io:

Xamsvg Editions Comparison Matrix

XamSvg Free XamSvg Full XamSvg Full for Xamarin.Forms
Android 4.2+
Tested up to 7.1.1
icon icon icon
iOS 8+ (including 9&10)
Storyboard support
icon icon
Windows Universal 10 icon icon
Access to private nuget server * icon icon
Full source code icon icon
Xamarin.Forms iOS icon
Xamarin.Forms Android icon
Xamarin.Forms Windows Universal 10 icon
Download on nuget.org Get now Get now
* access for 1 year after purchase. Subscriptions available.

Licence: perpetual licence for the latest version available during the subscribed period (1 year from purchase)
Individual: one licence per user
Enterprise: need a volume licence for all your developers ? Contact sales


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